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Benefits of Our Classes

💪🏼 Physical Fitness

Improved strength, flexibility, and coordination

🧘🏾‍♀️ Mental Well-being

Enhanced focus, relaxation, and stress management

⚡️ Self/Co-Regulation

Managing emotions/behavior & supporting others to do the same

🌌 Self-Awareness

Understanding of one's thoughts, emotions, and physical state

🔥 Self-Confidence

Building self-esteem through fun and achievement

💯 Healthy Habits

Instilling lifelong habits of physical activity and mindfulness

A Fitfulness (fitness + mindfulness) program designed for children

Our classes blend cross-training, yoga, and meditation into one enriching experience.

Our Fitfulness classes provide children with an enjoyable journey, fostering a positive relationship with their body and mind through our thoughtful approach.

We welcome children starting at age 3 and up. Invest in your child’s well-being with our Fitfulness program, where fitness and mindfulness come together.

 The Fusion of Fitfulness

Cross Training

At Yous, every class begins with making fitness fun! Your child will engage in developmentally-appropriate games that emphasize teamwork and foundational exercises such as running, jumping, burpees, and planks. Our consistent programming nurtures positive body awareness, fosters a lasting exercise habit, enhances cardiovascular strength, and introduces the concept of perseverance. All of this is done under the guidance of our supportive and knowledgeable instructors.


Following the energetic and heart-stimulating activities, the class transitions into recovery with yoga. Kids love yoga at Yous! Our sessions are engaging and challenging for all ages. Each lesson includes restful restorative postures followed by an active yoga series. Your child will learn about breath control, flexibility, various postures, and techniques for calming the mind.


Finally, your child will learn to practice mindfulness, a proven method for bringing calm and focus to their development. Each class concludes with savasana and meditation. Kids naturally take to meditation, which enhances their focus, awareness, and meta-cognition.

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We have just started our second season of "Yous Fitfulness" here at FSS. The program has been popular with both parents and students, especially in the 1st and 2nd grades. Pete, the instructor, is energetic and enthusiastic, and has made accommodations to make the most of the space available to him. He has also proven to be popular among the students, with many of them looking forward to their Wednesday afternoon sessions with him. "Yous Fitfulness" has been a great addition to our club offerings.

Joe Hardy

We’ve seen amazing progress with my high energy 4 year old. The concept is unique and really allows for training the body and mind in an effective and efficient way. Thank you for bringing the power of Fitfulness to our family!

Anita Katikineni

Yous is the best! My go to comprehensive workout and mindfulness routine. Instructor is helpful and encouraging and the workouts are challenging but very rewarding.

Helen Noland

We just had our first class with Pete from Yous and it will NOT be our last. From the get go, the kids loved him. He came for a visit and they were immediately drawn to him. He communicates with kids on their level but also like the full and total people that they are.

As for the program, let’s start by saying that the parents who were there were raving for days and asking when he will be back and that doesn’t happen often. The kids went home and taught their friends and families the moves. The kids were really impressed with the program. It was challenging enough to keep them interested and accessible enough that they felt that they COULD do it.

Brandi Davis

My first class at Yous was such an incredible experience! The atmosphere was so inviting and the vibes were always positive and relaxing. Pete is a great coach who is very informative. He explains step by step how to perform the training in the most effective way. The yoga and meditation after the workout is the perfect way to end class and check back in with myself.

Jennie Thomas

Great workout and flow of the exercises! Pete is great 👍

Steffen Cornwell

We at Beacon Center are always looking for interesting ways to bring the world to life and to provide developmentally appropriate activities to inspire our children.

The Yous program with Pete Nicholson is one such program. This past year I have gotten to know Pete Nicholson through many conversations and interactions in our shared space in the First Unitarian Church. Pete is a grounded individual who is kind, curious, thoughtful, genuine, responsible, flexible, can think on his toes, and is observant. All of the qualities you need when planning and implementing programming for children.

Gillian Swann

Had a good experience. It Was a hard work out with yoga and meditation at the end. Also felt like it was fairly priced compared to other work out programs similar to it in the Philadelphia area.

James Macrae

Very welcoming. Good guidance for first experience with yoga.

Noah Lezenby

Super supportive of the workout and great directions and encouragement.

Chris Molieri

Yous Kiddos is the best! My daughter has learned so much about herself and working with others from Coach Pete and the class. And she has the biggest smile on her face at the end of every class. It’s the perfect way to start our Saturdays.

Amanda Cocci

Started Yous over the summer as a trial and haven’t looked back since. Loving the mix of weight training with yoga and meditation. It is indeed a cross training class but this ain’t no CrossFit! You definitly get pushed but Pete emphasizes having good form over everything and going at your own pace. He also works around any injuries you have. He is a great teacher and also very knowledgeable in what he shares with you.

Emil Pichardo-Marcano

Immersive experience, really feels like you hit all of the points you wanted after you're done.

Cory R

Great experience, awesome workout, super relaxing

Alison Schwartz

Meet the founder

Born & raised in the USA, in 2016 Pete was an avid cross-fitter living in New Zealand when he realized that yoga could help him become more well rounded in body and mind. It was then he began his study at an Iyengar School of Yoga, learning the fundamentals of yogic form, technique, and yogic life. Even still, he felt there were deeper aspects of himself that could be reached; a year later, in Australia, he began practicing meditation through ten day silent courses.

Over time, Pete realized that combined these three practices; cross training, yoga, and meditation - could be greater than the sum of their parts. This gave birth to Fitfulness, the foundational teaching of Yous. While Pete is maintaining a fitful life, he is also hard at work building a dynamic curriculum that makes Fitfulness, and all its long-term health benefits, fun and engaging for all ages.

Fitfulness is the foundation of a healthy life

Fitfulness for Kids

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